Where to Go Hang Gliding in Thailand

If you’re looking where to go hang gliding in Thailand, then you’ve definitely chosen the right country. Thailand has been getting increasing attention in the tourism circle as a destination for hobbyists with its vast offerings of extreme activities such as hang gliding. To guide you on the best spots to go airborne, here’s a list of five places in Thailand that you can start with.


Phuket brims with activities that adventurous tourists will enjoy, including hang gliding. With its superb scenery, the skies over Nai Harn Beach and overlooking Mun Island make the perfect spot for visiting hang gliders to take off. To sweeten the pot, Phuket also holds an annual event called “Fun Fly”, a festival to celebrate the sport of paragliding and hang gliding.


Pattaya, Thailand hang gliding in Thailand

Image: Tanakorn Koomrampai via Flickr

Picture a beautiful white sand beach under clear blue skies. That’s basically the tranquil description of Pattaya, one of the best places to go in Thailand for hang gliding. Famous for its beaches, hang gliding in Pattaya will surely provide magnificent scenery to hang gliders cruising in the air above the shoreline.

Ban Chang

From Pattaya, finding where to go hang gliding in Thailand can take you 45 kilometers to Ban Chang. This place is the common starting point of hang gliding beginners thanks to a couple of hang gliding schools in the area that helps develop fundamentals. Aside from the usual beaches, hang gliders can enjoy the view of golf courses while soaring above.


Rayong, Thailand

Image: Richard Lee via Flickr

Another place for newbie hang gliders to learn fundamentals, Rayong is 190 kilometers away from Bangkok. Its location on the Gulf of Thailand is enough reason to make it an ideal spot for hang gliding. The province of Rayong takes pride of its pristine beaches that stretches throughout a 100-kilometer coastline. Hang gliders can enjoy the sight of waterfalls along forest canopies.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Image: Adam Howarth via Flickr

The sky adventure of hang gliding takes a climax in Chiang Mai. Situated in the northern part of Thailand, Chiang Mai is home to several aviation clubs that offer flying services for activities like hang gliding.

For tourists who live in adventure, hang gliding is really an activity that will push your limits further. With the list above, it’s no longer a herculean task looking where to go hang gliding in Thailand.